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aslongasjujulovesme asked: Have you ever seen or heard about cannibal holocaust?

yeah … molto cool  movie…incredible   violence  of   human

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the-hymn-of-him asked: This is glorious... If I wasn't doing comedy on my blog, this would be my ideal horror theme.

thank you.

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zarathustraz11 asked: Hey I`m Zar and I wanted to ask you a quick question. I love your blog, I check it out all the time cause its really brutal. But, I was wondering what inspired you to get into horror movies? and what was the first movie that truly scared you? because psychologically the idea of watching horror movies is really interesting cause its about flight or fight. I was thinking of writing a book about this topic and interviewing horror fans. I started watching them after a death in my family

hi ….curious since 10 years of ghosts afraid of the face of the little girl Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist) has haunted me until 4 years and in fact the first movie I saw was the exorcist and from that moment .. and changed everything continuing to see horror movies … all experiencing the horror genre … looking at the older and recent,

I really love the horror genre for its variety and see the protagonist who is a creature of evil ….. love every single thing about a horror movie, haunted houses, the presence of ghosts as amytiville horror, shining, I love the slasher genre, i love the movie very violent, gore, splatter, and films with little blood, but with well-made plot.